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Unraveling the Differences: Low, Medium, and High Voltage in Electrical Installations

Thursday, 28 December 2023

In the vast world of electrical installations, understanding the differences between low, medium, and high voltage is essential. These terms not only refer to the voltage of an electrical circuit but also delineate how electricity is transported and distributed in various stages of the process.


What is Voltage and How is it Measured?

Before delving into the differences, it is fundamental to understand that voltage is measured in volts or kV. This unit of measurement pays homage to Alessandro Volta, the physicist and inventor of the first battery.


High Voltage: Efficient Transport over Considerable Distances

High voltage installations specialize in efficiently transporting electricity over long distances, such as from one generating station to another.

Increasing the voltage allows reducing the intensity, minimizing energy losses due to cable heating. For safety reasons, high voltage cables are often placed on electric towers or buried, avoiding urban areas.


Medium Voltage: Efficient Distribution to Communities and Cities

Electricity, after traveling from generation to consumption, passes through substations that transform high voltage into medium voltage.

These installations distribute electricity to neighborhoods, towns, and cities. In terms of safety, medium voltage lines are often buried. In Spain, regulations for medium and high voltage installations are shared.


Low Voltage: Safe Consumption in Homes and Establishments

From transformer stations to consumption points, electricity is distributed to homes and establishments through low-voltage installations.

These are predominantly used in electrical appliances, being less dangerous than high and medium voltage installations. Protected by differential panels and switches, low-voltage installations require the expertise of authorized professionals.


Conclusion: A Safe Journey from Generation to Consumption

Understanding the differences between low, medium, and high voltage is key to ensuring an efficient and safe flow of electricity from its generation to consumption.

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