Energy consulting

Energy consulting

At opyce, we give advice and achieve the greatest efficiency and control of energy costs for our clients

One of opyce’s main goals is to help clients save on managing their energy costs. Our experts in engineering, electrical installations and energy efficiency, work to improve our clients’ profitability by offering multiple consulting services in both the purchase and sale of electricity and natural gas.

As opyce works with several nationwide organisations, we can obtain significant savings for our clients, detect and claim unduly paid amounts and improve their overall profitability.

Energy accountancy is the first step on the road to efficiency. As opyce is aware of this, we offer a broader range of consulting: as well as the services corresponding to the purchase and sale of energy, we are also moving towards ongoing energy accountancy and management.

Following a detailed technical, economic and environmental feasibility study, we draw up energy efficiency and sustainability strategies with specific, bespoke actions to optimise our client’s results.

Energy consulting

Energy consulting services regarding the PURCHASE/SALE of electricity and natural gas:

  • Electricity purchasing processes in the free market.
  • Negotiations with trading companies and distributors.
  • Contracting terms and conditions.
  • Purchasing strategies and type of contracts.
  • Rationalising consumer parameters.
  • Consumption forecasts for monitoring budgets.
  • Reports on the futures market.
  • Specialists in any energy producing technology.
  • Choice of energy sale systems in the market.
  • Analysis of the most convenient legislation.
  • Negotiations with the Sales Agent.
  • Project feasibility.
  • Reports on the futures market.
  • Processing to obtain REE registration.

Energy consulting

Energy accountancy and management services:

  • Detecting diversions and invoicing errors and sending monitoring alarms
  • Producing pro-forma invoices
  • Lodging claims with energy supply companies
  • Processing with energy trading companies and distributors
  • Telemetering the tax meter and monitoring energy consumption sectorised by client consumption lines (submetering).
  • Analysing consumption curves
  • Optimising contractable parameters and penalties
  • Follow-up and control reports
  • Rationalising consumer parameters
  • Access to web platform
  • Training
  • Energy audits

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