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How do we know if we have optimized contracted power?

Tuesday, 17 October 2023

Whether you are a large entity or a small business, the correct contracting of electrical power can make the difference between saving money and incurring unnecessary expenses. However, this process can be a complex task.

How to optimize electrical power for my business

When it comes to optimizing the contracted power, several factors must be considered. It is vital to choose wisely, since the costs associated with a large business differ from those of a small entity.

When looking for the optimal power, it is essential to analyze our consumption and be clear about the power required, finding a balance between too much and too little power. An excessive power would result in a superfluous expense, while an insufficient power could lead to power cuts when connecting multiple devices or to considerable economic surcharges, depending on the tariff.

At industrial level, the 6.1TD tariff is usually recommended for large consumptions, with power over 200 kW in the vast majority of cases.

For small companies, a power higher than 15 kW is usually recommended, corresponding to the 3.0 TD tariff. However, if your company is smaller and requires less than 15 kW, the 2.0 TD tariff is the one assigned.

The way to know which power is optimal differs for each of the tariffs.

  • Tariffs 2.0TD, have 2 periods of power (peak and valley) and these can be optimized based on the data provided by the distribution company.
  • Tariffs 3.0TD, have 6 power periods.
    – Up to 50kW, these are optimized on the basis of the maximum meters.
    – From 50kW, it is necessary to have the quarter-hourly load curve and apply the formulation indicated in BOE to calculate the excesses and the fixed part of power.
  • Tariffs 6.1TD onwards, work in the same way as power above 50kW of tariff 3.0TD.

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