Who we are

Who we are

At opyce, we offer the best we have: a comprehensive, trustworthy service

Opyce was founded in 1959 on the entrepreneurial spirit of two engineers, first as an “Office for electrical projects and calculations”, with the desire to advise and liaise between the electrical energy needs of our clients and the distributor companies.

In order to offer our clients a more personal service, during the first years we added the Installations and Energy Consulting Departments. Later, with the freeing-up of the electricity market (1997), we placed further emphasis on consultancy, and focused on providing customised solutions to our clients’ needs.

At opyce, we guide our clients’ access to the electricity market in order to reduce their energy costs. A team of experts analyses your energy bills and advises on all the cost-saving possibilities available.

We manage

At opyce we help our clients save on energy costs and improve their profitability. To do this, we offer constant and comprehensive advice on energy purchase-sale systems, and on accountancy and energy management.

Our experts conduct studies to determine the technical, economic and environmental viability in each case, to therefore be able to define the optimum strategies and actions for the most efficient energy management.

We currently manage:



We generate

In 1982, we created the Energy Management Department to advise our clients on studying and commissioning generating plants. Now, 40 years later, we are comprehensively managing several energy production plants with renewable sources.

We manage

+11 MWp

We manage

MORE THAN 100,000 MWh

Our commitment to renewable energies is equivalent to a saving of:

+33,000 Tn/CO2 - prevented from entering the atmosphere

Experience and values

60 years’ experience in the energy sector allows us to offer a comprehensive and quality service: consultancy, solutions, management and support, with a team of highly qualified professionals to support our clients in obtaining the best results.

and Commitment

and Innovation

and knowledge

and adaptation

Our environmental commitment

At opyce, we are committed to the environment and our planet

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Our social commitment

At opyce, we have a responsible attitude towards our environment

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